Brasstown Bald

Brasstown Bald is the tallest mountain in Georgia…and we decided to take the .5 mile trail to the top. This is the second mountain we climbed (“””climbed”””), but to be fair we had just taken a much harder trail the day before and we were wiped.

Originally we had planned to take a 6 mile hike from one trail to the top of Brasstown Bald, which would have been 12 miles total, and we decided we just weren’t up for it. Instead we spent the day in Helen, a nifty little German-ish town nearby, and afterwards decided to come look at the mountain we were supposed to climb. We were pleased to find that there was an “easy” trail to the top…during regular hours there’s even a shuttle bus that will drive you up there.

The path to the top, though very steep, is paved all the way, making it much easier than the trail we’d done the day before. It still took us a while, probably longer than it should have, but like before it was definitely worth it.

Brasstown Bald has a lookout tower built on top, which you can walk up to for a better view. It was really awesome being able to look out and see the river from so far away, and when the clouds rolled by we were right inside them.

Unfortunately this and Blood Mountain were the only hikes we had time for during our weekend in Georgia, but hopefully we’ll be able to go back soon and do some more. These are the closest mountains to us and it’s a 7-hour drive, but I feel like we should be able to make time to go back every few months or so. Hopefully!


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