Who are you?

I (the person writing the majority, if not all of these blog posts) am Devin, and my hiking partner and wife-to-be is Nichole (the person who shows up most often in pictures). We also have a dog (slash-friend-slash-child) named Mable who will accompany us on a few of the trails we do that are closer to home.

Where do you do most of your hiking?

We’re located in Jacksonville, FL, so most of the hiking we do is within a 3 hour radius of that. BUT, in 2018 we’ll be taking a long road trip out west and that will almost definitely add a little more diversity to the types of trails we can do.

Yikes! These photos are terrible quality!

I know, it’s pretty disappointing! If you’re reading this, it’s because this blog is brand new and was created on a whim after realizing we should have some lasting way to record the adventures we have. So, as is the case with most things in our lives, we were a little under-prepared and did not bring an actual camera — these pictures were all taken with our cell phones. And they are awful. However this should be corrected within the next few weeks and going forward we should be able to start posting pictures that don’t invite you to count the pixels.