Black Creek Ravine Hike


Black Creek Ravine Conservation Area is a trail system with about 10 miles worth of hiking all together, but sadly we only had time for 5 miles of it. We definitely got a late start on this one, but at the same time it was nice to hike while the sun set and the temperature dropped a little. February in Florida is supposed to be the coldest time of the year, but apparently not this year.

The majority of this trail was super sandy and difficult to walk through, so we tired out a little faster than normal, but once you reach the ravine there is one (1) bench where you can sit and look out over the river. I feel like my idea of Florida being a completely flat surface is just being beaten down every time we do a new hike — obviously this area is literally called “Ravine”, so some change is elevation is expected, but the entire area is actually very hilly. Sitting on the bench in front of the river, there’s a really steep drop off that I almost dropped my water bottle down…that would have been fun to retrieve.

Weirdly, the highlight of the hike for me was walking along the power lines. I’m not sure why, but I always feel more like I’m actually going somewhere when part of the trail crosses under power lines. And here in particular, if you stand still and there are no planes flying over, you can actually hear the electricity buzzing overhead. Plus, on the way back part of the trail was rocky which felt a lot better than squishing through sand the whole time.

We got back to the car a few minutes after sunset, and on the way back we saw at least 10 deer, another plus to hiking later in the evening. Nichole mentioned that we’d probably be doing a few evening hikes on our trip anyway, so maybe we’ll make a point of going out later in the day more often.



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